EVERY PROSPECT IS A NUGGET OF GOLD.  When a prospect walks through the door our job is to build rapport and gain insight on what they are trying to accomplish.  When all is said and done they've either bought from us, deferred their purchase, or (heaven forbid) purchase elsewhere. 

In any of those instances all prospects ARE ACCOUNTED FOR. 

Do you have a state of the art system in place to acquire and nurture the maximum number of prospects for your project ?  Before the inception of true Contact Relationship Management Software programs (CRM), over a decade ago we wrote code and created a system drip campaigns, outreach and monitoring communication with all prospects.  These communications represent the builder's brand, the builder story, and maintain continuous positive contact before the sale, during the process and post settlement.  What do your CRM systems look like ??

Pinnacle Builder Sales and Marketing provides guidance in CRM Technology that provides the following:

  • Every prospect that physically visits, calls or inquires via social media or targeted advertising, etc. gets entered into a system that provide an immediate drip campaign of valuable information
  • The system creates tags that allow us to engage with future communications based on the buyers goals and needs (all of which are categorized for targeted communication)
  • The system provides automation which insures ease of use and efficiency
  • Communications roll out in various forms including emails, automated text messaging, electronic blasts, use of video, and personal meetings and phone calls
  • The system includes post settlement follow-up program that has multiple touches over the years to communicate regularly including anniversary dates and to request referrals and provide notification of new communities and Grand Openings 

What are you doing to protect the investment that gets
the prospects to your doorstep?

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